A vision for Hoa Git repositories


I think the repo part is done now. @ashgenesis can I help on the others parts ?


@shulard I have started to add some bors.toml file to repositories with test, and some of them the CI fail due to PHP-7 migration, so for me we need to be sure all CI pass with success. So, we need to help to migrate to PHP-7 to be able to continue this migration.

At least for now some of libraries can use bors see Central#81

So for me next step we need to focus on PHP-7 migration. Then after continue to add bors and fix TU.


@Hywan, here you can found the assessment about this subject,

We have moved all repositories on Github. So https://git.hoa-project.net could not be used anymore. All repositories on Pikacode and Gitlab are now a mirror from Github. Bors have been added on some libraries which have a successful CI. The only difference I can see between gitolite repositories and github repositories are

  • Paste

is still on gitolite and github have more repositories. The list of repositories only on github:

  • “hoaproject/-”
  • “hoaproject/ActionBoard”
  • “hoaproject/Contributions-Atoum-Option-Extension”
  • “hoaproject/Embryo”
  • “hoaproject/Sandbox”

All repositories should be configured to replace Bhoat notifications.

The bors PR is in stand by due to problem to have a successful CI.

What remains to be done ?

  • [x] Configure irc notification on all hoaproject repositories on github
  • [x] Check if the last repositories listed above have a mirror on gitlab and pikacode and if not create it.
  • [ ] Check where the url git.hoa-project.net is used on all repositories and create a PR to fix each.
  • [ ] Check how to keep data aka activities for all repositories.
  • [ ] Clean central (remove libraries unneeded but keep some static part)
  • [ ] See how we can handle hooks
  • [ ] Continue to add Bors on libraries which have a successful CI
  • [x] Archive or mark as deprecated unused libraries (like String, Zombie, others ?)
  • [ ] Define what we can do for repositories which have no CI for adding bors ?

  • hoaproject/- must be kept
  • hoaproject/ActionBoard is an old repository, I just archived it,
  • hoaproject/Contributions-Atoum-Option-Extension is a regular repository, don’t know why it was declared on gitolite…,
  • hoaproject/Embryo is an old repository, I just archived it,
  • hoaproject/Sandbox is an old repository, I just archived it (this one is pure gold :-p),

I think the Paste repository can be removed. We no longer use it. Thoughts?

Normally, the git.hoa URL was not used directly. The central.hoa-project.net/Resource/ API was used instead. Check this code https://github.com/hoaproject/Central/blob/master/Extra/Public/index.php, it must be updated to match to the new infra.

About the “activity data”, maybe we should remove it as it slows down the page load (d3.js is loaded), and use something else, don’t know what yet. I would like to have a counter of all Github stars instead (sum of all repository stars — 2554 :star: right now!). Check https://github.com/hoaproject/W3/blob/master/Application/View/Shared/Welcome.xyl#L217.

If we remove libraries from Central, the hack books will no longer work. See https://github.com/hoaproject/W3/blob/master/Application/Resource/Literature/Hack.php#L40. We have to find a solution for that. Maybe remove all the hack books and move them to Kitab, and then publish Kitab HTML outputs to… somewhere? Github pages? Gitlab pages?

I’ve archived hoa/string and hoa/core. hoa/zombie is still active and relevant.

We must continue the PHP 7 migrations, this is a huge task, but after that, we will be able to continue to clean up.


Hello, few feedback

Already removed everywhere still exist only on git.hoa-project.net

  • hoaproject/Contributions-Atoum-Option-Extension is only on github and pikacode not on git.hoa-project.net
  • I have found 29 files where git.hoa-project is referenced on all 85 repositories stored on github.
    • Contributions-Symfony-BenchBundle/composer.json
    • Contributions-Symfony-ConsoleBridge/composer.json
    • Contributions-Symfony-RulerBundle/composer.json
    • Contributions-Symfony-ConsoleBundle/composer.json
    • Core/composer.json
    • Heap/composer.json
    • Devtools/Bin/Snapshot.php
    • Keynote/AFUPLyon13/AFUPLyon13.html
    • Keynote/HoaApex13/HoaApex13.html
    • Keynote/HoaApex14-2/HoaApex14-2.html
    • Literature/Learn/Embryo.xyl
    • Literature/Learn/Install.xyl
    • Literature/MiniTutorial/Index.xyl
    • Central/Extra/Public/index.php
    • Central/Hoa/Heap/composer.json
    • Central/Hoa/Core/composer.json
    • Devtools/Resource/Documentation/Router.php
    • Dns/Documentation/En/Index.xyl
    • Dns/Documentation/Fr/Index.xyl
    • Literature/Contributor/En/Guide.xyl
    • Literature/Contributor/Fr/Guide.xyl
    • W3/Application/Public/index.php
    • Central/Hoa/Devtools/Bin/Snapshot.php
    • Blog/Source/Posts/2014/01-New-sponsor-Pikacode.xyl
    • W3/Application/View/En/Source.xyl
    • W3/Application/View/Fr/Source.xyl
    • Central/Hoa/Devtools/Resource/Documentation/Router.php
    • Central/Hoa/Dns/Documentation/Fr/Index.xyl
    • Central/Hoa/Dns/Documentation/En/Index.xyl

Ok cool thanks :wink:

Agreed to move it on github pages, don’t know if it’s relevant to do it on gitlab pages for now. For me it can be done after the migration to github