Hoa Virtual Meeting



Thanks for the report. Sorry for my absence.

Discuss about the possibility to create a slack for hoa as a lot of contributors already use it

What’s the issue with IRC right now? What motivates your choice of using Slack? Gitter channel was down for a moment, we have to restore it, don’t know what happened here. I think @Grummfy is working on it.

Discuss about continue to integrate Hoa to symphony with bundle and how we can be more usable with other frameworks (see PSR-11, PSR-7)

Agree, but we have more important work right now regarding the next big release for Hoa. If anyone would like to drive this project, I’m 100% with her/him. Please, consider writing an RFC.

Discuss about adding more tutorial to integrate Hoa in other framework or tools.

Can we have more precisions? What do you have in mind?

Discuss about old Pull Request still open and not reviewed need more code review.

I consider that’s my fault… Maybe we should freeze an entire month to rush on these issues… like a spike, thoughts?

We need to communicate more about the evolution of what we do on library. Not necessary a bit article. Shulard can help to write some little article and we can publish it on reddit.

Agree. Please, open a thread on Discourse to discuss about that, cc @shulard.

All agreed to found a better solution or create one to help to organize Virtual Meeting and automatically send message when a date is defined.

We can create an account on fruux.com, and anyone could subscribe to the calendar. Thoughts?

Which tools we need for principal repository?

What do you mean?

On which server we can host it? Do we need to use another tools than gitolite to host our git repositories? (Need Hywan feedback)

OK. So basically, here is the situation. CleverCloud is ready to sponsor Hoa by offering a service for the website (W3.git, kind of), and another service for the ElasticSearch instance. About Git repositories, CleverCloud does not support Gitlab yet. I’m opening a new thread to discuss about that […] done: New hosting strategy.

We can create an account to help the association received donation. Hywan, we need your confirmation, we all are agreed to create an account.

Agree to use OpenCollective. They pick 10% of the transaction, but at least we have something to receive donations easily, so let’s go.

Did I miss something :-)?



I think that using Fruux to centralize calendar is a very nice idea.

Preparing an issue rush is also a good point but need to be structured. What are the most important ones ? Also it’s more about responsibilities, at this point most of the reviews are validated / made by @Hywan. Maybe we can take the lead on some…

The next step will be the big release regarding 2017 roadmap with PHP7.1 support only, is there a way to separate the work here ?


about finance, there is a talk at fosdem about that https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/open_source_finance/ (during the conference there will be a live video)


https://fruux.com/pricing/, it costs 20€/month for 5 members. Or we can install the server on our own (sabre/dav). Right now, we use sabre/katana, but it’s no longer updated.

I can prepare that. At least I can try :-p.

Anyone can take any issues. I’m not the only one :-).

See https://github.com/hoaproject/Central/issues/75.


You are right, maybe I’m just afraid to start working on code sometimes :smile:. Since I’ve some time this week, I’ll take a look at PHP7.1 roadmap.


Sure mattermost is an good alternative … an other apps to install and use (i use everyday slack, i don’t know if i will think to use mattermost … )


It’s not about using this or that tool. My question is: What’s the problem with IRC?


If you are not online you don’t have any message …


Hi all, yes I’m back (again and again…).

What is the purpose about Slack, IRC, … ?

Leave a never lasting message to get answers ? Live talk with others ?


There is https://botbot.me/freenode/hoaproject/ for that.

I don’t see any particular reasons to move to something else than IRC right now. I’m not against the idea, but I need valid arguments :-).


by the way there is a lot of tools (free or paid) to keep you up on irc, having relation with it , … see matrix for example.


There are not really a problem with IRC, but the tendency of past few years are the number of people in channel have drastically reduce. People leaving IRC for other ChatOps (Slack, Discord, Gitter, Telegram…)

We need to know what tools are more appropriate for PHP community today, IRC still revelant? Or if it is only for internal discussion between us, IRC is totally fine.


Hello, new poll for the next Hoa Virtual Meeting

We will talk about:

  • PHP 7.1/7.2 migration
  • Rush release
  • Point about bors and CI


Report for the last Virtual Meeting (05/2018)


  • Hywan
  • Grummfy
  • Pierozi
  • Ashgenesis


  • migration guide for all hoacker can help
  • Merge everything on master
  • upgrade composer.json to use dev-master
  • tag libraries as beta
  • see what is working with CI and listing everything which should be configured

Removing Rush release

  • Create a RFC to remove rush release small doc which should be completed (Ashgenesis)
  • Create a blog post after removing it to explain what it was and what was done

Bors and CI

Librairies deprecation

  • List of all librairies and which one should be marked as deprecated
  • Is already one lib exist in PHP ecosystem
  • What about doc, dependance tree ?
  • Create a list with statistics to have more informations to take a decision about which libraries should be depreciate. (Hywan)
  • Focus on much used librairies and there dependencies (Ruler/Websocket/Compiler)


Hello, new poll for the next Hoa Virtual Meeting

We will talk about:


Report for the last Virtual Meeting (10/2018)


  • Ashgenesis
  • Shulard


  • skip some specific tests and review it after PHP7 migration (ex Hoa/Math realdom test; using each)

Point about the future of BotBotMe

  • Not enough activity to manage it by ourself

Deploiement W3 & Blog

  • Article ready to review -> see how to deploy it

Open Collective

  • Add activity about money and pay some part.