Lightning Talks Meetup AFUP


I will present Hoa in lightning talk, on Meetup AFUP. This event will be the 26th January around 6:30pm


You can found slides here


Good talk, thanks!

What have been the feedbacks? Was it hard to prepare? What is your feedback?


The main feedback was good, the presentation was a little bit too fast but it’s a lightning talk. I was forced to take a shortcut to talk about some part as Hoa\Compiler. Not really hard to prepare but I miss some knowledge about few library. So, I need to study more some part of the libraries.

To be completely transparent, I had only few days to prepare the presentation and it was a kind of challenge for me to be ready at time. I was not completely confident before the presentation but it was a great experience.

My general feedback about this presentation even with some trouble to see speaker note (I have made without) or the fact I have misspelled some words or spoke too fast, is good. I think we can really improve this presentation by adding more transition between the different libraries I have talked and explain also the libraries works together. I need to add more information about each parts and I can make this presentation in 20 min. So, I will rework on it to be prepared for the next time.


Excellent :slight_smile:. Would you like to add this presentation in


Yes you can see here the Pull Request about it and the linked Pull Request