3 million downloads, hop

Hello all!

Few months back we were announcing 2 million downloads. Now, I am pleased to announce 3 million downloads. Just numbers I particularly like :blush:.

Just to see how Hoa is growing:

Date Total downloads Per day downloads Per hour downloads
August 2014 200k 360 15
February 2015 400k 1370 57
April 2015 500k 1920 80
November 2015 1M 3100 130
May 2016 2M 7400 310
September 2016 3M 9326 390

Special award to the 1st September which has recorded 11,744 downloads this day only.

Again, what is the lesson to learn? Most downloads come from CI, obviously, but it shows a trend. Hoa is more and more used, and more and more projects are depending on/using it. Thatโ€™s the good news.

I hope these numbers give you more strength for the future!


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Great news to know, as you said obviously most downloads come from CI and the trend is to grow up so itโ€™s cool. Waiting for the 10M downloads