Hello fellow @hoackers and users!

Today I am very pleased to announce that we have crossed the milestone of 5,000,000 downloads (on Packagist)!

This number, whilst incredible for us, only shows the growth and the adoption of the Hoa project in the industry and in other projects. See this graph:

It shows the downloads over time on Packagist. The growth is almost exponential. It means we have more and more projects using Hoa!

If we look closer these numbers, we can extract this graph:

It shows the number of downloads per day. We have recently crossed 16,000 downloads in a single day. Again, the number is not really what matters here, but it shows a tendency that Hoa is more and more used.

In 5 millions installations party, we have been thinking of a kind of party. With @ashgenesis, we got a nice idea. We are sure you will love it! This is still under preparation, but we made good progresses. Stay tuned! We will probably not talk about it publicly, but feel free to tweet about it if you like it.

Thank you. Thank you :heart: everyone to trust us. We are working hard, and you may know that we drafting an exciting roadmap for 2017.

Again, thank you!

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