A way of support and issue following

Hello, there is a lot of plateform to show the support of an opensource team like:

But there is also some other nice stuff that help people to be organized and focus with some rewards:

I think it could be interesting at least look at theses plateforme and perhaps subscribe on it as project/team.

any advice on this?


This is topic that comes frequently on the table actually. I would like to have something like bountysource for Hoa.

As far as I understand, bountysource.com targets a specific issue, while salt.bountysource.com is for an entire project. Am I correct?

I am not sure what the best formula would be. For sure, salt.bountysource.com would be good for Hoa, but it means —let’s be frank— I will be the guy who is going to be paid. And this is not fair. On the other hand, bountysource.com would allow to pay any contributor for the issues they are working on.

Is it possible to mix them both? Perhaps salt.bountysource.com would provide enough money we would be able to divide, for instance between @ashgenesis, @shulard, @Grummfy and I.

However, I am not sure we will raise 1k€ per month. If we earn even 10€ per month, I would be surprised. Maybe for libraries like hoa/compiler or hoa/ruler we would be able to gain more tractions because they are really widely used.


You have understand correctly salt.bountysource is for the project vs issue. salt.bountysource is like liberapay for me, in term of organisation/team/projects.

Honestly I just raised the point because I find it interesting, and sometimes it’s a way for people to say thanks. Today, the only money that we are requiring is hosting and events.

For me, if we got more than that we can think to use is it for stickers or other goodies for meetup & conference or to have a better event.

If we get more, then we get back to subject that we already discussed.

Then for salt.bountysource.com, the money can go the Hoa Foundation. And for bountysource.com, it goes to developers as usual.

How would you present it? On the website on each hack book chapters, and on the README.md for each libraries? Maybe with two stickers: One for salt, and one classical bounties?

Honestly I will present it on the website only. It’s fun to know it, but I’m not sure there is an intrest for having it everywhere. It’s not so important

Hello !

I don’t know bountysource and what it implied in the project but I think that sending the salt.bountysource.com to Hoa Foundation is the right way to go.

I have created a salt.bountysource’ page: https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/hoaproject. Please, check the goals:

  • Cover hosting expenses $10: Hosting includes HTTP servers, Git servers, mails, domains, and all the security layers.
  • More presence in events, with talks, stickers, goodies… $50: There is generally between 3 to 6 talks per year about Hoa. We would like to increase our presence, but we need your help!
  • Part-time salary $500: A senior Hoacker can work on Hoa at a rate of 50% a week, imagine the possibilities!
  • Below-average salary $2,500: At this rate, a senior Hoacker can work on Hoa all days. It will be so awesome!

Please, review the rewards:

  • $1 per month - Name in CONTRIBUTOR.md & the avatar on the website: Every contributor has its name in the CONTRIBUTOR.md file (https://github.com/hoaproject/Central/blob/master/CONTRIBUTOR.md). This file is rendered on the Community page on the website, https://hoa-project.net/Community.html. Your name, and your avatar (if any), will be there!
  • $50 per month - Name and logo on homepage: The homepage lists our supporters in the They support us Section (https://hoa-project.net). Your logo will be on this page.
  • $250 per month - Name and logo everywhere: On the homepage, on the README.md for each library, on our talk slides, anywhere a logo can be!
  • $400 per month - Special priority support: Special users have a priority support.
  • $2,000 per month - Want a new library on a particular subject? Sure!: If you like Hoa but a feature is missing, or a library is missing, we can develop and maintain it for you! The same care and quality will be applied than any other libraries, with intensive test suites, documentations, promotion etc.

If you think amounts are incorrect, or descriptions are not clear, or if you have any other ideas, please say it loud!


I have also created a team, https://www.bountysource.com/teams/hoaproject, but there is a bug on bountysource that forbids me to configure everything. Will try later.

@Grummfy Could you delete https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/hoaproject please ;-)? Thanks!

Any feedbacks please?

Ok for me but, do we need separate contributor who have committing the code and those who have given their help with $1

how can we distinguish special users

Maybe $3000 for all days.

I don’t think we need to separate them. A contributor is a contributor, either by giving time, code, money…

It’s a deal. For instance, Doctrine is using us, they are special because of their size and impact. Same for a company like Automattic, mozilla, fruux, or Wallabag.

Why 3000USD exactlty?

Ok for the others feedback, why 3000 because it’s more close to a salary without taxes, which could help to focus 100% a day.

why in $, we are all from europe … 3000 seems good but if we need to really pay someone, it will be not so much … (considering tax, fee, etc)

Hello !

I think that defining a salary is not the right way to go at the moment. For me, the amount of money collected will vary and we can’t be sure to have 3000€ on a regular basis to pay someone.

Maybe working per project/objective will be better. Allowing a certain amount of money on a specific task / group of task and pay someone to do that. The money will help him/her to focus on Hoa instead of others projects and it’s not an employer engagement regarding that person.

What do you think ?