Completion for command generation

Hello, I’m wondering if we should add to cli | console component a tool to generate completion for bash. It’s something relatively complex to handle but I think it is relatively simple when you take the type to write it.

A simple version could be using the arguments an options with the way we describe it to add some completion generation.

Some reference:

Some already exist :

I know that because you need to generate a file, then add it to your current console (a source YourCompletionFile) or having it in your bash-completion path it’s not necessarily something so useful but when you create some command that you use all day like the hoa devtools, it show some power :wink:


That’s indeed a good idea. However, hoa/console offers a way to parse and handle options, not to write CLI application entirely. How do you manage to define the scope of commands to autocomplete?

I would see a method that can be extended that defined some behaviour. I will try to think about it a bit later, but I would first have some feedbacks on this from the community :wink:

I totally support this idea :-).