Documentation translation tips


I translate documentation from english to french (and sometime the other way). Many times I have no idea how to translate specific terms and I think it could be great to have a discourse thread to centralize tips on translation.

For example, how do you translate “research paper” in french ? Thus if somebody translates a documentation and hesitate on this term, he could search this thread and find the answer (and this give an harmony on how specific terms are translated in our documentation).

Thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:,

I think we can use this one or create a lexicon somewhere. I am not sure Discourse is the best platform for a lexicon, but it is to grab some help! Let’s see if we need a lexicon in the future. For now, asking help is fine. Thoughts?

So “research papers” can be translated to “articles de recherche” in French.

You are right, discourse is not a good place to create a lexicon but it’s a good place to discuss translation in general :wink: