Github Projects and Waffle

Hello dear Hoackers!

Github has recently introduced Projects (see the help or the blog post).

So far, we are using Waffle for our boards. Today, I have received an email from Waffle saying the following:

We’re also super excited to announce that WaffleBot doesn’t just work for your Waffle board, but will also work for GitHub Projects. What’s a GitHub Project, you ask? GitHub just launched their own version of an issue board, available as a tab on your repository.

We’re committed to helping you get work done in the most efficient way possible while keeping your team in the loop. We’re excited that GitHub is bringing a board interface into the core product, and we want to help out!

WaffleBot isn’t quite able to work for GitHub Projects, but we’re hard at work on it. Have friends that would like WaffleBot? Send them over to to know when it launches.

What it says is that Waffle is not working (yet?) with Github Projects, so we have our boards on only. What I hope is that Waffle could synchronize with Github Projects very soon. This way, we will be able to keep Waffle and still have a board on Github for the one who are not familar with Waffle. The current issue is that people coming on one of our repositories will see an empty board in Github Projects while we actually have boards.

If Waffle does not sync with them, should we move to Github Projects? The big pro of Waffle is the board aggregation (see

I just discover project from github with this post, so I have nothing else to say…

I tried Projects card yesterday, actually the github Projects use issues as a card, so it’s compatible with Waffle, but waffle does not support Project view as own board.

I think use github project could be good for our case, because it’s right there beside issues tab, and it’s clear for outside incoming. Project can be usefull for Epic/Goals, Like php7, unit test, enhancement, documentation.

And in meantime we can still use waffle for have Multi Repository view.

Having multiple boards is… tricky. Thoughts?

It’s right we do not have lot of issues…

What’s your points? I was saying that having 2 different boards (Waffle and Github Projects) could be tricky, especially for the migrations… If we think that Waffle will be “useless”, then we should start migrating now.

Hooo ok, i thought you talk about multiple projects, because github permit to have multiple board for same repository.

Do they? How do you add multiple repositories into one Github Projects board?


I have asked Waffle directly: If Waffle will have a 2 ways sync with Github Projects, then we can safely keep it I guess.

Also this issue can be interesting to watch:

if we confirm our gitlab migration, waffle would become useless because of kanban boards inside gitlab, so maybe we should wait a little bit before working on this

Exactly. We still have as a replacement to waffle for the board. cc @jubianchi

@Hywan I’m going to kill the laboard project: there are better alternatives and gitlab provides native boards inside project’s issue trackers.

OK. Sorry for your project though :frowning:.

FYI, I’ve just discover we have “Project tab” also on Organization.

And we are able to group under same Kanban different issues from many repositories.