Hacktoberfest with Hoa?

Hello Hoackers!

No, I am not proposing to make a Hoacktoberfest but to participate to the Hacktoberfest. Do you think it would be a good idea? I personally thing yes.

We would have few days to fine or to create new issues (I guess 5-10 would be fine). It will be a collective efforts.


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I just discover it yesterday. So you want we tag some issue with the tag and let people PR it or fix issue from other with that tag?

This could be interesting to make Hoa more widely known. On the other side, I’m afraid it could lead to a lot of pull requests not being really followed by their authors, giving more work to us.

I’m personnaly shared between these 2 points

I am agree with @CircleCode and don’t know if all PR will be followed by their authors but I think even if it’s the case it could be a good things that we can complete it by our own way if it’s really relevant.

@Grummfy Exactly. @CircleCode @ashgenesis This could effectively be a good opportunity for Hoa to attrack new curious contributors. I am not afraid by the fact they won’t follow their PR. Hacktoberfest longs for 1 month. If ever it happens, we could still finish the PR for them. It’s up to us to define short issues.


I think is a good idea, even if our condition of merge are much rude, we are not mandatory to merge the PR within the month.

I have make a little list for some issues which can be added for this event

For all issue you are all agree I can add the flag hacktoberfest to identify them.


@ashgenesis I just took a quick look at the issue, it’s OK (except for Router #15 which is already in progress). Go, add the label :-]. Good job!

Ok done label added on all repositories participating to the hacktoberfest and flag added on all issues listed above.

Do you think this is necessary to review all the issues? Do you think it is easier for a new contributor to find the contributor guide?

Yes I think it’s necessary to review all issues to be sure it’s understandable and have complete information to be done without any question or the less possible. For the contributor guide we can add a link on each issue to help. Also we can add information to contact us on IRC if needed.

Regarding the rules, we must shared our contributing guide. https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/#resources but I think we can create a summary of them in contributing.md file in project participating to hacktoberfest

About the CONTRIBUTING.md file, this is pretty much useless because it will contain a link to the contributor guide… Also, this link will be contained in the READMe.md file.


You are right we already have a link into the README so no need to add another file for that.