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This library allows to create and manipulate an Access Control List (ACL). The actors of an ACL are the following: * **Group**, contains zero or more users, has zero or more permissions and owns zero or more services. A group can inherit permissions from other groups. Users and services cannot be inherited. If a group owns a service, this is a shared service because several users can access to it, * **User**, can own zero or more services and can belong to zero or more groups, * **Permission**, is like a right. A group holds zero or more permissions that can be used to allow or disallow access to something, * **Service**, is a document, a resource, something a user would like to access. Whilst the word “list” is contained in its name, the underlying structure is a graph (please, see [the `Hoa\Graph` library](http://central.hoa-project.net/Resource/Library/Graph)) where vertices (i.e. nodes) are groups.
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