Hoa Foundation new postal address

Until now, Hoa Foundation was domiciled at my personal address. However, I will move abroad for 1 year in a couple of weeks. thus we need to change the association address. We need to

  1. Find an address in France (any volunteer?)
  2. Do the administrative actions

Hey :-),

Maybe we can use the postal address of @ashgenesis? Thoughts?

I agree, @ashgenesis are you ok ?

Why not, where do we need to make this change ? What is the impact ?

The change has to be made online at https://www.service-public.fr/associations. @Hywan just need to find credentials back (IIRC, they were at that time for the site service-public-asso.fr) We must also update association statuses since our address is mentioned in them.

There is no impact (we could ask for it to be published in the Journal officiel des associations et fondations d’entreprise (JOAFE), but it has a cost and no interest for us)

A small reminder since I will leave in approximately 1 month from now :wink:

It’s between you and @ashgenesis :wink:

it will be once you will have found our credentials back… :stuck_out_tongue: