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During tonight virtual meeting we discussed the Hoa Foundation subscriptions. The main question is about the amount of the subscription fee.

In my opinion, we need to set it based on our expenses so we need to decide what we want/need to pay with this fees :

  • domain names
  • hosting
  • other services ?
  • goodies
  • food / accommodation for Apex ?

and to estimate (guess) the number of subscribers.

Grummfy asked its followers : https://mamot.fr/@Grummfy/2812376 (they are speaking about 10€/year)

Share your opinion !

Hello, For me, all the technical and operating costs should be taken into account. If we got more, it could be used to get extra for Apex or some goodies.

We also need to take care of actual donation that we meet.

10 or 12 (1/month) € seems a good and fair price.

10€ per month looks good to me too.

  • We have 50€/year for the 3 domains: hoa-project.net, hoa.io, and hoa-project.com,
  • We have fees for events, around 100€ per year because we are always finding sponsors or we cry to conf’ organizers,
  • We have around 500€ fees for Apex only because sponsors help.
  • Hosts should cost 50-150€/year, but it’s covered by sponsors once again, but we would like to move to something better, let’s consider 200€/year.

That’s a total of 1000€/year. We could estimate to start with 10 members for the foundation, so with a subscription at 10€, it covers 10% of our fees. We continue with the sponsors (so no new hosting), it’s better but not enough.

Maybe A way of support and issue following will help.

What about 12€/year ?

You mean per year ? :slight_smile:

12€ seems a little bit strange to me, we should go up to 15 (20 ?) or down to 10 but 12 ?

We should also keep in mind that it’s the “mandatory” fee for Hoa Foundation membership, if peoples want to pay more they can :wink:

Yes, per year! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK so 15€/year/person :-)?

12€ = 1€/month so not strange for me

Let’s go with 15€/year/person. It’s fine like this.

Ok, what’s the next step ? We add this on the hoa website ? What is the registration process ?

I hate when we are close to an agreement and someone comes with a totally different idea, and today it’s me, sorry.

Yesterday, someone pointed me out an interesting platform: OpenCollective. The How it works page describes it perfectly. You send your bill online, and the community pays for it. You basically opens your finances to the community. You can also requests money to get some fundings. There are 2 kinds of tiers: Backers and Sponsors, which fits to our current situation. It generates invoices, all data can be downloaded as a CSV file etc etc.

OpenCollective takes some fees though. If you look at the webpack page, you can see that Facebook gives 1000 USD monthly:

Monthly donation to webpack

Donation made by Facebook Open Source on Oct 26, 2017

amount $1,000 - $50 (host fee) - $50 (Open Collective fee) - $29.3 (payment processor fee) = $870.7

In this example, OpenCollective takes 50 + 50 + 29.3 = 129.3 USD.

From the FAQ:

How much does it cost?

Open Collective takes 10% of the money raised by the collective for managing bookkeeping, taxes, and admin (fiscal sponsorship), as well as providing your Open Collective page and the software it runs on. We share this commission with the fiscal sponsor (legal owner of the bank account that holds the money on behalf of the collective).

Additionally, our payment processors charge a fee - Stripe for receiving money via a Credit Card and PayPal for paying out expenses. Usually 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. We are exploring adding other means of payment to reduce those fees, including ACH transfers and Bitcoin.

How is it different from other crowdfunding platforms?

Two major differences:

  • While most crowdfunding is about one-off projects, Open Collective helps you raise money recurringly (e.g. monthly) to finance the ongoing activities of your community. That way, you can plan your activities against an anticipated monthly budget.
  • Open Collective operates with full financial transparency and accountability. Other platforms hand over the money without showing the backers, who provided the funds, how it’s used. On Open Collective, you submit expenses for everyone to see. We believe transparency leads to healthier organizations and communities.

I don’t see this OpenCollective as a competitor to BountySource (where we have an account, A way of support and issue following) but maybe I mistaken.

Do you think it is interesting?

by the way I discover https://sfconservancy.org/ that allow some helps for software, funding and others.

I think @ashgenesis is about to open an account on OpenCollective, right?

Yep the limitation is we need a project with 100 star or more to do it Central have not enough but it’s the most representative about what we do (only 85) Ruler for example have 445 stars. What do you want to do ?

I don’t understand why the repository is important? Is it just to say: “Eh, we have a community”, or “Eh, please sponsor this repository”?

In anycase, maybe we should contact OpenCollective directly and ask them.

Agreed the repository is important as is the link between open collective and the project we want to finance. But we need to ask them directly

An opencollective account is now created.

Feel free to donate what you want.


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