Hoa\Stream released

Hello fellow @hoackers and users!

I am pleased to announce that Hoa\Stream has been released.

There is 2 bugs fixes, so I encourage you to update as soon as possible.

Moreover, the test suites have been ported with success. Now we have:

  • 26 test suites,
  • 125 test cases,
  • 1466 assertions.

We have both unit test suites and integration test suites.

There is room for improvement in the integration test suites, but this is an excellent first step.

It was also the opportunity to write the README.md.

No need to say it was particularily tricky to test. Hoa\Stream is low-level and it was very challenging, both for atoum that Hoa\Test.

Hurray for this library! Again, thank you to all the reviewers, notably @ashgenesis.