Hoa Virtual Meeting 2016-09



  1. @Hywan: Metrics,
  2. @pierozi: TLS everywhere,
  3. @Hywan: Search,
  4. @Hywan: Quality and safety of libraries,
  5. @Hywan: PHP 7.1, new README.md and CI,
  6. @Hywan: @ashgenesis as an official admin of Central.



We record:

  • 2,894,514 installations on Packagist (+243,698),
  • 1774 stargazers (+42) and 611 forks (+5) on Github,
  • 2702 unique visitors on the website,
  • 9997 page views,
  • 173 test suites,
  • 1595 test cases.


  • All websites are secured (www, preview, static, keynote, analytics, api, calendar, ci, dav, central, paste, search, wiki, users, discourse, git…),
  • HTTP redirects to HTTPS,
  • Automatic renewal of the certificates with a cron,
  • Exception with hoa.io will redirect to hoa-project.net,
  • hoa-project.COM is not secured yet.

Great work :thumbsup: :tada:!

Goals for the coming month






  • Update Source.html on the website because Git runs over HTTPS now for public clone,
  • Update the contributor guide (same as previous point).