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Hack book of Hoa\VisitorUnfortunately, the documentation of this library has not been written yet. However, the README.md file may contain enough information to help you. This document is an extract of the README.md file. Sorry for this inconvenience. Be ensured we are working hard to fix this.This library provides interfaces to apply the visitor pattern. Quick usage We propose to explain the basis of this library. We have two entities: an element to visit and a visitor, for example a node of a tree and a dumper. The element to visit will implement the Hoa\Visitor\Element interface and the visitor will implement the Hoa\Visitor\Visit interface. The first one will ask to implement the accept method in order to define what data it holds will be visited. The second one will ask to implement the visit method which will contain the visitor computations. We will find several examples in Hoa libraries. An error or a suggestion about the documentation? Contributions are welcome! Choose your language: , . Hoa is the creation of Ivan Enderlin, all rights reserved. See the license. Twitter, Github.

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