Hoa's communication strategy


As we stated in the Virtual Meeting thread, I open this new subject to discuss about public communication.

I know that Hoa is a very technical Open Source project but I think it lack a bit of public communication. We have a strong strategy regarding versions, tools, methods and all these choices define Hoa as a very strong competitor (In my humble opinion :smile:).

It’s also related to the tutorial part. I think that some libraries can seems very complex to use, helping potential users to discover the strengths and weaknesses can help spreading the word and facilitate access to the features (example ruler / compiler / websocket / console who are the most used outside).

I don’t mean that Hoa is the only choice to be made to start a project but it has unsung features !

So, I think that defining a more dynamic communication strategy about what have been done :

  • Write more blog posts about what is done and the choices,
  • Write some tutorials (maybe Awecode) to help understanding how to use the libraries,
  • Centralize conferences resources and subjects to be presented.

It’s more a wishlist than a roadmap but we always need to start somewhere :wink:.

I’m totally aware that all these things and actions will require a lot of time. Maybe we can giving out responsabilities to never centralize on a single person…

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By the way if someone has ideas about blog posts or others publications I’ll do my best to write them :slightly_smiling_face:.

Example :

  • Kitab - Presentation, usage, advantages,
  • Testing - strategy, tools, …

I like the idea, but don’t really see how we can have the time to handle it :wink:

For sure time is hard to find… But from my experience sometimes I can take a moment to do open source but don’t know where to start with some code… It’ just opening another collaboration space about public communication and defining a strategy about it.

Hello :slight_smile:,

Thanks to tackle this issue! Our communication was not bad a year ago or so, but we reached a point when it slowed down to be totally unmoving sadly.

I’m thinking about the hoa/future library, and a series of blog post might follow, but that’s not enought.

@shulard: Would you like to lead this project? We need someone on the long term to remind us: “Eh, we need a post this month, go!”.

I tried to do a “This Week in Hoa” (kind of), but I failed. It’s hard. I think it’s not the correct format. I reckon what we need is just one post each month at least, to show we are active. Talking about internal changes is not very attractive right now, because we are not doing crazy stuff, just regular chores. At the end, we could at least blog about: “How we migrate xxx LOC to PHP 7.1”, that’s a potential topic.

If anyone has a topic in mind, please open an issue on https://github.com/hoaproject/Blog. That’s the correct place to do that. And @shulard, ping everyone (including me) often to force us to come with a blog post. Either you have idea, and we discuss about it, or you don’t have any, and you force us to come with one :slight_smile:.


I’ll be glad to help here !

You are right about internal changes, it’s not very attractive. However, when I think about big changes like migrating to PHP7.1, writing an article about this choice can be a good point.

I’ve started to create some issues :

Si I send a call for articles, please @hoackers if you have some ideas open issues :slight_smile:.

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Hello @hoackers, it’s time to discuss about the february blog post. Since writing about Kitab and PHP7.1 will requires some time I’ve added a new idea in the Blog issue tracker :

It’s about describing our move from self hosted to Github, what do you think about ? Have you any others article ideas ?

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I think we can write something about Kitab. I’ll try to find time for that.

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Hello @Hywan ! Have you found some time to work on that blog post ?