New Hoa\Ruler test suites

Hello Hoackers and dear users!

You might have noticed the pull request. I started this PR 9 days ago. Its goal was to provide a better quality for the Hoa\Ruler library. This is one of the most popular of the Central so it totally deserves it.

Quality and safety

Before the PR, we got:

  • 5 test suites,
  • 21 test cases
  • 107 assertions.

After the PR, we have:

  • 19 test suites (+14),
  • 185 test cases (+164),
  • 623 assertions (+516).

Some existing unit test suites have been migrated as integration test suites.


The following improvements land:

Bug fixes

New release

A new snapshot has been released: immediately since it contains bug fixes.


That’s a really great news! Now we are in a comfortable situation to address the opened issues.

Thanks for your support!