New hosting strategy

Hello fellow Hoackers :-),

As you might have heard, VeryLastRoom is ending its service. It was our major sponsor. Beyond the fact this is a very news for our friends working their, VLR was also the sponsor funding the hosting of Hoa. So we have to find another alternative.

Our needs are:

  • our site (W3.git + Static.git mostly),
  • Git repositories (self-hosted, with gitolite), mirrors are Github, Gitlab, and Pikacode,
  • ElasticSearch instance,
  • Piwik.

Most of the other services are no longer self-hosted. Please @pierozi, do you confirm?

I’ve contacted CleverCloud. They agree to sponsor Hoa. They can:

  • host our site,
  • provide an ES instance,
  • host Piwik.

What they can’t do is to host Git repositories. A migration to Gitlab has been mentionned, but CleverCloud does not support Gitlab yet. A proposal has been raised by @ashgenesis to host a Gitlab instance somewhere else.

So, what to do?

  1. Use CleverCloud to host most of our services,
  2. Use another hosting for a Gitlab instance.

What do you think?

Hello !

What’s the cost of the actual hosting strategy ? I heard @pierozi talking about Scaleway yesterday evening…

Knowing the cost can be a first step. Secondly, gitlab is mirored on github, so why not using the webhook on github? Otherwise, we can do a simple and stupid hack using gitlab-ci an running a scrip that will build & deploy our stuff there. It’s not hard to do at all. I can write it, if you want.

Right now, the cost is still covered by VLR, even if the company is shutting down. But we need a new solution quickly :slight_smile:.

Our Gitlab account is not mirrored on Github. —which is the origin— has 3 mirrors: Gitlab, Github, and Pikacode. We would like to continue to self-host the Git repositories. That’s our wish.

@Grummfy just shared with me. I think it’s good to share it with everyone here :slight_smile:.

I had proposed to hosting a gitlab-ce because we were talking about hosting our own repositories on gitlab but we can keep to use our gitolite and hosted it. As I have tried Gitlab need a lot of resources and hosting our repositories with gitlab it’s a good things but if we don’t use the half of functionality, it’s not a good choice. I would like to review what is our real problem. If it’s only the hosting or also the usage of gitolite. If it’s only the hosting, we keep gitolite and migrate only the code on another server. It’s not a big deal. If gitolite is also a problem an alternative to gitlab is also to use gogs (pikacode is based on gogs).

What do you think ?

Our needs are the following:

  • Host Git repositories,
  • Manage permissions,
  • Host documentation (as Gitlab Pages?),
  • Use a CI for other services than libraries (which use Travis CI)
  • Private repositories! We sometimes need them.