Performance boost for Hoa\Compiler

Written the 24th August 2016.

A lot of work has been done to boost the performance of Hoa\Compiler, mainly by reducing the amount of memory required to lexically and to syntactically analyse a datum. Up to 80% of the memory can be saved with a large datum. Also a new feature allows to compile the in-memory parser into a PHP class. Up to 45% of the CPU can be saved for the parser initialisation.

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Hoa\Compiler was one of the first libraries that led me to Hoa Project. I’m happpy to see the way it has evolved across time and the huge improvements brought by the last updates.

This library really deserve to be used in a lot of projects, and I hope to see it more widely used in the future because of its great quality.

Congratulations for the impressive work you’ve done :clap: