Prepare Hoa\File public changelog


Hoa\File has been released, It would be great if @shulard could prepare a small demo of its contributions on glob. Is it possible?


Of course it’s possible ! By demo, you mean an awecode or “just” some code to present the glob update ?

Just some code, a snippet, to include in a blog post or an announcement :slight_smile:.

And the goal of that snippet is just to demonstrate the new glob capabilities ?

Maybe something like that :


use Hoa\File\Finder;

 * Find all the path that matched the pattern :
 * - /usr/lib/
 * - /usr/bin/
 * - /bsr/lbin/
 * - ...
$iterator = (new Finder)

foreach($iterator as $path) {
  //$path is a matched path using glob syntax