REGEX Coverage of PCRE

Hello Developers,

While I was checking out the Regex generator, I think I found a little issue.

If you try to use the negotiation of \d, \w or \s, like \D, \W or \S for $regex, the generated output of:

$grammar = new Hoa \file \Read(‘hoa://Library/Regex/Grammar.pp’);

$compiler = Hoa \Compiler \Llk \Llk::load($grammar);

$parsed = $compiler->parse($regex);

$generator = new Hoa \Regex \Visitor \Isotropic(new Hoa \Math \Sampler \Random());



string(1) “?”

So I’d like to ask, if its an uncovered issue, or if I’m using the wrong functions.

Greetings Maik

Hello :-),

Yes it’s “expected”. Those character types are not implemented yet, check

It’s open for a PR :-)!

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