Stickers and sponsor

Hello @hoackers :slight_smile:,

UnixStickers stop to produce stickers. It was our sponsor for the sticker unfortunately. So I would like to raise 2 questions:

  1. Do you think we can remove them from our sponsor list, and so, from the homepage?
  2. Do you know any company that would produce (for free or not) stickers for Hoa? @jubianchi has a shop for that if I remind correctly.


Unixsticker use now stickermule, maybe we could contact them. check it out, seems they are open to open source :wink:

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Good catch! I have just sent them the following email:

Hello :-),

We heard that you are likely to sponsor Open Source projects. Our stickers were previously printed by UnixStickers but they have stopped this activity. We are looking for another sponsor.

Our project is Hoa, This is a set of PHP libraries. Recently, we have reached 4,5 millions of installations. Major vendors are using our project, like Mozilla, ownCloud, wallabag, fruux, Doctrine etc.

We need stickers to cover events. We also have an online shop (more or less a portal to real shops) at

If you are likely to sponsor our project, first thanks! and second, your logo will appear on the homepage of our website, in the majority of our presentations/talks/keynotes, and on the homepage of our shop. Moreover, we will write a gratifying blog post about it.

Thank you very much, and have a good day!

I will keep you updated as soon as they reply.

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Everything seems to be OK. I have filled all the document. I am waiting for a confirmation.

We will have a shop with a credit. We will be able to buy some stickers for โ€œfreeโ€ with this credit. Next stickers will be paying. Thatโ€™s perfect :-).