The Nucleus release series

Written the 12th January 2016. You know that feeling when you have a prickle in the feet: You can walk but sometimes it hurts. Well, it's been a long time we are thinking about solving an issue in Hoa: The Hoa\Core library. While Hoa stands as a set of libraries, Hoa\Core was kind of a monolithic piece of code required by all libraries. This was not terrible and it was even justified at the origin. Indeed, it was designed to gather several thin layers into a single library for performance reasons. Let me explain it shortly. Parsing time is not very costly compared to I/O: Accessing to a file, opening it and reading it. The core aimed at putting the minimum always needed codes into small and optimized files, in order to reduce this I/O time. However, since recent PHP versions and recent I/O progresses (SSD, kernel, FS…), this is no longer necessary. That's why in October we finally decided that it was time to split the core!
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