Virtual Meeting Nov 2016

This new event will be placed in few days so feel free to vote.

They start around 8 or 9 PM Europe/Paris time.

  • 14/11
  • 15/11
  • 16/11
  • 17/11
  • 18/11

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  • 08 PM Europe/Paris time
  • 09 PM Europe/Paris time

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End of survey -> 11/11



  1. @Hywan: Numbers and news,
  2. @Grummfy: Hoa Apex 4th edition,
  3. @ashgenesis: PHP 7.1,
  4. @ashgenesis: New flyers for Hoa, designed by BrandBrothers,
  5. @Hywan: New fashion is to blame dependencies (feat. webmozart/console),
  6. @Hywan: Temporary offline,
  7. @Circlecode: Action points.


Numbers and news

3,721,387 downloads from Packagist. 1851 stargazers on Github, with 628 forks. New user: PHPSchool and PMSIPilot. 70% of French hospitals (including 90% of french CHU) are using Hoa, mainly Hoa\Math and Hoa\Ruler.

Hoa Apex 4th edition

It was supposed to stand in November, but everyone was very busy. Now we are trying to schedule it for March (must be confirmed). We will have a definitive answer in 2 weeks: Either we do this in Belgium, or maybe in Reims (FR). Reims is very close to Paris (45mn by train). We just need to find a place.

PHP 7.1

A new version of Xdebug has been released: 2.5.0RC1. Must wait. Split extension report into report and telemetry, Update Hoa\Test

Decision to deploy Travis: We do not test PHP 7.x. Once Xdebug 2.5.0 is stable, and atoum 3.0 is released, we use PHP 7.x.

Flyers Designed by BrandBrothers

No info so far.

Need to open an issue on W3 to add BrandBrothers’ logo. -> Done

New fashion is to blame dependencies

Interesting discussion. Will be summarized in a blog post. We need to explain why we think this way. Write a blog post explaning why we have small libraries, and why we did a split like this.

Hywan will be temporary offline

Need to take 4/5 weeks offline. Buffer overflow :-).

Action points

Need to set up an “action point software”.

I’m very busy (as usual) but I enjoy the idea of an Apex in Reims and on the other hand I’m sad to read that Hywan is doing a buffer overflow :confused:

It’s getting better now, but still not the regular amount of work. Will be fixed in few weeks.