Reserved keywords in PHP-7.1

Hello, we have a topic about PHP-7.1 some new keywords are reserved as void which is used by Hoa. We have planned to replace it by nil. To finish the implementation we need to wait for atoum merged because some of Pull Request is waiting for as Hoa\Test.

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What should we do about

  • Hoa/Praspel/Grammar.pp:102:%token null null|void
  • Hoa/View/Viewable.php:63: * @ensures \result: void;

We have void keyword but I think we can let them alive :smiley:

@Hywan What do you think about keep it like this ? It’s related to praspel for tests and grammar.

The realistic domain will be resolved with the Consistency::isKeyword method to detect if it is a keyword or not. If yes, then a prefix (here Realdom) will be appended. So there is no issue with this. The problem already “exists” for the array, integer, class etc. realistic domains.

Ok so for me we have no problem to keep it like that. So the issue can be closed after the PR was merged.

Please, close them on your own :slight_smile:.

@Hywan no problem, once the PR is merged :smiley:

@Hywan you will laugh, I haven’t any rights to close this issue :smiley:

You mean, on Discourse? No need to close it. If it’s solve, move on :-).

this topic is not completely terminate hoa/Test is still in progress. I mean the issue on github.